Cinematography and Conceptual Design

Marketing and corporate videos depend on driving home a message that speaks to viewers and engages them with the ideals of your company. The video needs to be a complete package, showing off your company’s strength while remaining entertaining and interesting. These kind of well-rounded videos don’t just emerge from taking generic shots of employees and portraying the answers to a few interview questions. Great marketing videos are created by showcasing and portraying a narrative experience that gets to the heart of your business. Video production that tells a story and engages the audience requires careful planning and design; it is the result of conceptualizing the direction and features of every detail in the video and how they string together. Video is ultimately a precision game, played only by expert cinematographers and film makers. If your business is interested in creating marketing video the only true artistic source you can turn to is a promotional video concept agency in NYC.

Cinematography is the specification and arrangement of all the visual elements used in a film. Great cinematography is about understanding what visual cues work together to create emotional responses and invoke feelings in viewers. It’s not enough for a director to simply put a company’s logo in a video- the logo needs to stand out, be surrounded by positive elements, and invite a connection between the viewer and what the video is trying to get across. An expert cinematography makes the difference between a video showing a succession of images, and a film that creates a coherent point.

An expert cinematographer can put together a conceptual idea for the production of a video, as well as see it out that the right visual patterns are followed to create the desired effect. Cinematographers control the actual filming of the video, so they are the ones choosing the camera, light displays, and on screen presentations of objects and images. When you work with the right production company, you will be able to notice it in the final detail presented in the film. Every image will have a purpose and the final big picture will capture your business in the way it was meant to be represented. For more information about cinematography and its impact on video production, contact a company that does corporate video production and cinematography for NYC businesses.

Your business could be on its way to having its very own unique and exciting marketing video. Contact a promotional video concept agency in NYC to start talking about ideas for your project as well as cinematography and filming options.