Client Testimonials

An important inclusion in the production of your company’s promotional video is client testimonials. There’s nothing better to demonstrate the quality work that your company does than to back it up with first-hand accounts by customers who have interacted with your company. Everyone pays attention to reviews, and there’s nothing more convincing for a potential customer than the reassurance that other people they can relate with are satisfied with what your company has to offer. Testimonials can include interview with actual clients or customers at your business the day of the shoot. It can also incorporate written or positive email responses you’ve received over the years as part of the narration or script. You can reach out to a video production company to shoot client testimonials for NYC businesses today to set up a time to film your business.


Professional videographers that shoot promotional videos for New York businesses are ready to come to your location to start shooting today. As part of your promotional video you should consider including a section that portrays interviews with clients or customers or a customer review of your company. This includes at location footage of your business and interactions with customers or clients. Your videographer will handle all aspects of the shoot, including setting up film equipment, checking with clients that they are ok to be on camera, and handing out release forms to those that are ok with being filmed. They can even conduct the interview and come up with and ask the questions.


To create the testimonial section of your video, your videographers and film crew will perform all the pre-production work. They work with script writers to put together any needed responses or planned out speeches for use on camera, as well as communicate with customers or clients about how to act natural for the shoot. In instances where the client reviews are written or in non-verbal form, the video-editing team will work out a way to still include the testimony in the video. This could take the form of including in narration and as a backdrop to the video, or using effects to make a positive quote appear on screen. For more information about a production service for NYC business testimonial films, contact a company that films and produces corporate videos in New York.


Set up an appointment today to meet with a production and videography team in New York to plan out a filming date to shoot your company’s promotional video. You can even have video crew film client interviews video for NYC business marketing.