In House Equipment

A NYC production company for your companies promotional video brings with it all of its own in house equipment. Contrary to popular belief shooting a marketing or promotional video properly requires more than a grainy cell-phone camera. And while special effects and editing is important, there’s no reason not to get a good shot with a high quality camera in the first place. The videographers from a top production company typically transport camera gear, lightning equipment, and audio recording gear in addition to some on the spot editing equipment and software to get a real-time idea of how the footage turned out. This doesn’t even mention the fact they also will supply all of the actors, props, and stage directions for any needed scripted promotional scenes or acts. You can contact a NY film crew for business promotional videos to set up a time to have a videography crew bring all of their fancy cameras down to your place of work to start filming today. 


In house equipment guarantees that your videographer will be working with the highest quality film gear around to bring your promotional video to life. The actual cinematography equipment that your video crew brings will most likely depend on the type of business that you run, including its size, and the conceptual goal of the video. Today, digital and high depth video cameras are standard operating procedure for capturing live scenes and stills of your work environment. These are high-definition cameras that the videographers equip with wide-angle lenses to capture the full scope and vantage of what goes on in your company. You’ll be amazed at the different angles and perspectives that the videographers will find when they put their cameras to work.


The equipment that your film crew brings along is part of an overall system of videography and integral to the end result of the video. Light for example, one of the basic elements in the creation of film needs to be directed and controlled during the filming process. This is why you’ll see professional videographers setting up lighting equipment and lamps around the shoot and during interviews. Controlling the direction of the light will translate into a higher quality finished product and video. To learn more about the equipment that a professional film crew will be bringing to your video shoot, you can contact a camera and lighting company NY corporate video production.


To set up an appointment with a professional film crew you can contact a corporate video camera crew with equipment in NYC. Working with a production company that sources their own equipment will ensure your video has a high quality and professional appeal.