New Product Videos

Take advantage of the speed at which media travels and spreads, the next time your company releases a new product promote it with a marketing video. A video will show off the new features of your product, and create instant excitement from your customer base. Video is one of the fastest spreading digital media and can be integrated with an online and social media marketing campaign to reach users and consumers. Your product will be linked to the video and the attention it receives, making it fresh in the minds of people everywhere and a recognizable item on the shelves. This is a great option for building up marketing hype as well as showing off the different and new features of the product. To start sketching out ideas for a new promotional video while you wrap up production on your new product, contact a videographer for product promos for NYC company.


Your promotional video producers and directors can use the video as a space to show off what your product can do. The video can incorporate scenes of your product in action and being used by your regular consumer base. It can even include a testimonial by real consumers using your product in a real world setting. This can include an interview with a representative of your company as well as members of the public and consumer base. If the product is used in conjunction with another business or industry, your producer can even reach out to them for a quote or on screen testimonial.


One of the best ways to promote your new product in the video will be to show off its different functions, designs, and uses. Whatever makes it ‘pop’ or stand out from other items like it or in its field, your videographer and producer will look to shape the video around that feature. Combining elements in the film including music, lighting, and effects, your videographer will use film techniques to make your new product shine. You can reach out to a company that does film production for business products in NYC to start working on a promotional video for your new product today.


Contact a company for product promotional video in NY if your business is about to release a new product to market. A promotional video will help get customers interested in your new product and look to purchase it in stores.