Animated Explainers

For some products and services, your audience will require a better understanding of how to get the most value for their investment. First Focus will create custom animated explainer videos which are both fun and engaging, giving audiences an open window into your world. Animation is also a great way to change the perception of your company from ordinary to extraordinary.

Next Level Presentation Design With Animated Explainers

Your videos do not have to be a by-the-numbers presentation. Our team at First Focus Productions can create stunning custom-animated designs which excel at distinguishing your company from others, who offer dull and static presentations.

These animated explainers can help you break through the barrier preventing consumers from discovering who you are by providing exciting, new designs. Consumers enjoy the spectacle of animated and interactive media, which motivates them to explore and discover more about your business.

The Benefit of Animation

Animation requires time, effort, and skill. Once a video animation is complete, you’ll truly have a compelling marketing tool. One of the reasons that animated videos resonate so well with consumers is their creativity. People love to watch an animation unfold, and when you use one for your business, they are more engaged than ever. The benefits to your business are substantial, as animated explainers:

  • Build Your Brand Online: With a quality animated video, your brand’s reputation will go from ordinary to extraordinary. These videos are a great way to give personality to your brand, which is something that consumers factor in when making a purchase. As an added bonus, if you add an animated video to your website, it’s likely to benefit your SEO ranking.
  • Explain Your Products and Services: They aren’t called animated explainers for nothing. Animation turns complex ideas into something that is easy to understand, like how-to videos. Soon enough, your products and services will have the support they need be successful as your customer will understand how they work and how to use them.
  • Stick in the Minds of Viewers: Animated explainers have an edge over other forms of media when it comes to memorability. With colorful animations and designs, your video will stick in the minds of viewers for a very long time. They’re eye-catching and capture the attention of the people watching them.

Instantly Engage With First Focus Productions

The future requires innovative design. This is how you cut through the clutter of everyday marketing. Online, everything is ruled by video, and people are looking for more. An animated video in your arsenal of marketing tools will help you reach more customers than ever before. When you are ready to make your own animated explainers, First Focus Productions is your best option.

Our team can create awesome animations that are sure to captivate. You can use them anywhere, including your website, social media accounts, and marketing campaigns. You can even combine compelling animation with your regular marketing videos for fun logo introductions, icon effects, and more.

Work with First Focus and tell us what type of video you want to create. You can call us at (844) NYC-FOCUS and speak with one of our representatives today.