Business Profile Videos

Looking to showcase key points about your business? First Focus Productions will work with you to create a high-quality business profile video. These videos highlight everything about your company, from how you do business to the service you offer. The best part is that our videographers shoot hundreds of these videos every year, and know how to make you, your employees and your business look good on camera.

Why Do I Need a Business Profile Video?

The New York Metropolitan area is a crowded space. Plenty of businesses are scraping at the chance to promote their establishment, including those in your industry. In order to keep up with this highly competitive market, you have to invest in marketing and the best kind involves using a business profile video.

When people are searching for a restaurant, law firm, beauty parlor, etc., they want all their questions answered, quickly and effectively. A business profile video highlights everything your potential customers or clients need to know about what you do, from your services to your company polices. In a way, these kinds of videos humanize your company and what you do.

You need a video to expand your reach to as many people as possible. In the online world, you can reach thousands of viewers in your local area and with a video, your reach expands even further. You get the greatest benefit when you use a profile video on your website, as well as your social media and YouTube channels. Social media platforms offer advertising methods and host millions of active users. Take advantage of that exposure and draw potential customers to your business.

Investing in First Focus Productions

First Focus Productions’ expert videographers have filmed hundreds for profile videos for business in the greater New York area. With our extensive experience, you’ll have the guiding hand you need to create a professional looking profile. Our videographers carry only the best gear, and make sure to understand your business and how it should come across on screen.

We will also walk you through being on camera and how to talk to your audience. Often business owners are afraid of being in the spotlight and it’s a common problem for anyone when the camera starts to roll. That’s why we talk you through an approach for presenting yourself, as well as how to expertly convey what it is you do. This will build the perception of your business in the eyes of your audience and potential customers.

If you need further proof, then check out our work. We’ve created business profile videos for Ripley’s Believe or Not, Max Brenner, Tavern on the Green and many other clients who we have worked with in the past. Your video can be just what your company needs to increase your notoriety and put you on the path to success.