Corporate Events

At any corporate event, you will be vying for the attention of other organizations, consumers or suppliers. One way to stop them in their tracks as they pass by your booth is with a professional corporate video. These videos work great at trade shows and events, where the attention of patrons is in high demand. Nothing is more interesting to these event-goers than a booth with a well-made video, especially when the competition doesn’t have one.

Wowing at Trade Shows and Events

Body: A video can enhance any moment, creating a worthwhile impression for those watching it. While people tend to believe corporate videos are boring and bland, they can be a key marketing tool to promote your business and attract the right kinds of people. Now, at events and trade shows, you are trying to target several groups – organizations, candidates, or suppliers.

As a business, you have to craft your video based on which group you are targeting and the type of corporate event you are attending. Here are a few examples:

  • Organizations – If you’re a business-to-business company, it’s beneficial to grab the attention of other organizations. At corporate events, your video should display who you are and what you do. It might also be wise to showcase the success you’ve had in the past. A video like this is a signal to other organizations that you produce results.
  • Candidates – Job fairs are a great way to scout out new talent. If you want to recruit the best of the best, then convince them that your company is a place worth working at. Create a corporate video that showcases your company culture and the benefits potential candidates will receive as an employee. A quality video draws people to your booth and is a great conversation starter.
  • Suppliers – When you provide products to your consumers, you want to find quality suppliers. These organizations can help you keep your business flowing and provide your customers with the goods they need. If you want a supplier’s attention, create a corporate video that shows them how many clients you serve. They want to work with a company that will give them recurring business.

One thing to remember about making videos for corporate events and trade shows is to focus on the visuals. These events are crowded and loud, so there is a chance that your message won’t be heard. Try using on-screen text and visuals to draw interest and promote understanding.

Corporate Videos With First Focus and Other Marketing Techniques

Body: First Focus has worked with hundreds of businesses in the New York metropolitan area. We are no strangers to creating captivating corporate videos to promote your company. With our help, your marketing journey is on the right track.

First Focus can even help your business craft a video that promotes your appearance at an upcoming trade show or event. This type of video can show the products you’ll be sharing, where you’ll be on the show floor, and what consumers can expect from you. Building anticipation like this will ensure that people will want to visit your booth.

Get the most out of your time at corporate events or trade shows. Fill out our contact page and let First Focus enhance your trade show presence.