Instructional Videos

Need a video to help train new employees? How about an explainer on how to use one of your brand-new products? Instructional videos give step-by-step visual guidelines on how to perform specific tasks, and First Focus Productions can help you create these videos. We’ll guide you through the process of providing clear and concise instructions. Before you know it, you’ll have a video which helps your employees or customers understand complex ideas which would be difficult to convey without video.

The Many Faces of an Instructional Video

Often, ideas are complex or new to people, and the best way to explain them is with a step-by-step guide. That’s where instructional videos come in. They are a great way to help the audience you are trying to reach gain a better understanding of something. At First Focus Productions, we’ve created plenty of instructional videos for a variety of purposes. Here are some of the types of videos we can help you create:

  • Training/Orientation Videos – Employees come and go but your procedures remain the same. An effective way to train new employees is with an instructional video. These internal videos give your workers a guided look at your day-to-day operations. They also show your new employees how to properly do their job and meet your standards. You can also create an instructional video to discuss your company’s culture and how new recruits can be a part of it.
  • Product/Service Walkthroughs – Companies often offer unique products and services that appeal to a wide audience. However, there are moments where certain details need to be explained. Instructional videos work for users who are having a difficult time understanding a certain aspect of your product or service. For example, say you’ve created a new app but many users are unaware of how to properly use it. Distribute a step-by-step video on how to use the app and you can eliminate confusion.

Create Your Own Step-by-Step Guide With First Focus

People want to learn but most of all, they want to learn in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. With compelling videos from First Focus Productions, you are guaranteed to increase the success of your products or services.

Our outstanding videographers work together with you on the best way to showcase how your product or service works. While editing your instructional video, we can create custom text and graphics to help viewers understand what they are seeing on screen. We will even consult with you on using the right shots, imagery, and voice over work.

By the end of our extensive collaboration, your business will have a quality instructional video. One that either welcomes new employees to the team or makes your products and services accessible. Call First Focus Productions today at (844) NYC-FOCUS and speak with one of our consultants.

If you are in need of more video services, First Focus offers everything from testimonials to business profile introductions. First Focus – get it here first.