Social Media Content

Social media thrives on engaging content, and no form of content engages more than video. With our team’s help, you can create videos which boost your reach on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Consistently creating new content will bring more people to your page. You can even create video ads to market your business to social media users in your area.

Video Is the Best Social Media Content

The future of marketing is social media. These channels are the spaces that occupy a large percentage of users’ time online. Need a better picture? Here’s a breakdown of how much time the average person spends every day on social media, according to Mediakix:

  • YouTube: 40 minutes
  • Facebook: 35 minutes
  • Snapchat: 25 minutes
  • Instagram: 15 minutes
  • Twitter: 1 minute

Overall, users spend more than 5 years on social media within their lifetime. This statistic is second only to television, which users spend more than 7 years watching within their lifetime. When you think about it, that’s a lot of eyes in one place, and a prime marketing opportunity.

With a social media channel, your business has a way to reach users and gain future customers. However, staying active and producing exceptional content is what gains attention. And the most engaging content you can create is video.

YouTube has over a billion users, which is one-third of total internet users. Also, nearly one-third of online activity is spent watching video. It is the type of content that people want and benefits businesses who want to sell their products or services.

Social media users do not discriminate when it comes to video content from other users or a business. In fact, users would much rather prefer watching a video about a product than read about it. Businesses are already seeing returns as they are increasing their video budget every year, and you can too.

Create Your Own Social Media Channels

Creating social media content is a specialty here at First Focus Productions. We can create compelling videos that keep your channel alive and active. You’ll gain more views every month and have videos that engage. Our team of videographers and script writers find the best way to represent your business by learning what you do and finding a way to captivate viewers with videos showcasing your products and services.

Not only do we create monthly content, but our team can manage your social media channels as well. Our experts set up your channel on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. We’ll handle everything from posting your videos to formatting them for quality and easy viewing. With First Focus, you can gain a following like never before, and your business will see brand new customers who want what you sell.

Take a look at the video channels we’ve created for New York Promotional Products and Preserve Your Teeth Dentistry. If you like what you see, then contact First Focus Productions. Our representatives will walk you through what it takes to create your own channel.