Post-Production Editing

Any kind of film is not complete until the final touches are made to it during the editing process. In the three stages of putting together a film, the editing and post-production period is where the film comes together and takes its real shape. All of the filming work and conceptual planning comes down to putting together the recorded elements into a segment that is meaningful and drives home the point of the video- to promote and celebrate your company. Post-production is where your video will come together and take form, as the editing process will allow the video team to add music, transition between scenes, and give life to your finished video. If you are interested in having a promotional video made for your company and are curious about the video editing process you can contact a marketing video and editing agency for NYC businesses.


Promotional videos are ultimately about execution; your editor will go through the footage that was taken of your business and arrange it in a manner that captures the energy of your company. This involves synthesizing the original conceptual idea for the video with the actual footage and recorded material that was taken during the shoot. The editors go through all of the footage, and pick out what works and what doesn’t, to include in the final cut of the video. They add transitions and space between scenes and figure out which shots work well next to each other.


Editing also allows your video production team to control the fine points of the film and arrange visual details to follow specific patterns. For example this can include matching the right transition to vantage point or zoom on an object to make it look geometrically or spatially accurate in the picture. It is the point of editing to make the video sync and work as a whole. Without it the video would just be a series of raw footage, as editing includes the music, effects, sequencing, and even visual changes to light, shadow, and shape that make for a better video. For more information on the editing process and the creation of promotional videos contact a New York corporate video post-production team.


For a better promotional video you need a team that is going to spend time on the editing and arrangement stage of production. You can contact a company that does NYC post-production for business videos to shoot and edit your promotional video.