Pre-Production and Casting

Adding a scripted section to your promotional video is a fun way to bring more attention to your company and drive a marketing message home. Correlating with actors and all the little pieces that go in to putting on your own company performance may not be as fun however. Luckily you can leave the pre-production, casting and screening up to your video production company. Your corporate video producers will take the time to plan out the entirety of the scripted segments of your commercial advertisement or promotional video. They will meet and cast the actors, yes including screening out the overly dramatic, and prepare the set location, script and technical aspects of setting up for the video shoot. The production of your video won’t miss a beat, and you can save the drama for during the actual segment; you can contact pre-production services for corporate commercials in New York today to begin planning out your own promotional video.


Pre-production involves all of the steps leading up the shoot and recording of your video. This could range from surveying the location of your work to figure out what should go on camera, to putting together a screenplay for an acted segment to include in the promotional video. Pre-production includes most of the conceptual design and planning that must take place before the shoot takes place. Every corporate video requires a central marketing or showmanship goal that needs to be represented and incorporated into the video. To set up an acted segment in your promotional video contact a production agency to find actors for corporate videos in NYC.


The process to creating a corporate video is a step by step creative endeavor. The production and directive crew working on your video will first need to come up with a way to show in video the marketing message you want. Initial steps include the creation of a storyboard, a written out diagram of everything that will happen in the video. This is followed by writing a script, and picking out the visual elements that will be shown in the video. The videographers will talk to anyone being shown in the video and secure legal clearance to shoot them, while talent scouts cast any additional actors to be used for an acted segment.


For help with all of the work in putting together the behind the scenes and preparatory work in your promotional video, contact a pre production and corporate video agency in NYC today.