Script Writing

In instances when your promotional video would benefit from some added drama and thematic emphasis, incorporated an acted sketch or scene can be helpful. However, working with additional actors and preparing your work-site for a performance is another step in the production process that takes time away from your business. Luckily if you’re working with a production company to create your marketing video can also receive a helping hand with setting up the pre-production of your shoot. This includes finding actors, creating sets, and importantly script writing and direction. Production companies employ script writers who create the lines for the actors to perform. As well the scripts can be incorporated into the narration of the video as used by employees or representatives of the company in a testimonial segment. If you’re looking for a script writing company in NYC, reach out to a company that can handle the entirety of you promotional video production.


Script writing is necessary to create a coherent scene in which the actors are promoting your company or product. A good script includes references to the product, as well as a message and engagement point between the audience and the video. The audience should be able to connect with what the actors are doing and saying and be able to see how the product or your company relates to them. The script writers are ultimately creating the excitement, energy, and buzz about your company through dictating what takes place in the video.


The promotional writing style of script writers can be used in other aspects of your video besides just in an acted scene. If at any point in your video your company and the video producers decide there should be employ or representative testimonial, a script can be used. The script provides an orchestrated comment that suggests the sincerity and intention of the speaker in the video. A script can also be used to provide narration over the video. This can be added in voice over at the end of filming during the post-production period. Narration creates a guiding voice for the video and helps back up the overall message and point of the video. For help scripting scenes or narration in your company’s promotional video, contact a script writing agency in New York for promotional videos.


Added additional scenes to your promotional video help bring more attention and emphasis on your company. For help crafting additional scenes for your video contact a company that does script writing for corporate video in NYC.