Shorts and Promos

Experimenting with formats and film styles can be an interesting way to make your promotional video appealing and relevant. Some film options include product videos, client testimonials and interviews, as well as mini documentaries about the day to day activities at your business or company. You can talk to your video production company about putting together a short film or promotional video about your company that shows off and explains what your business does. A short film can combine all aspects of promotional video including interviews, shots of your main locations or offices, a look at what you do in action, as well as a scripted scene or narration from a company representative. To find out about what a short promotional video includes and what goes into making one, contact a production agency in NYC for short promotional films.


 A short film looks to combine many different aspects of corporate videos into one singular promotion. This can include for example, documentation of what your company does on a daily basis, mixed with a promotional message. A videographer and camera team will work with your company to come up with an appropriate storyboard and conceptual point for your film to be based around. This concept will help direct the proceedings of your film and control what cinematic and visual elements will be included in it. Trust that your skilled production and camera team will come up and execute a vision for your film that portrays your company in the most positive light.


To make your short film really stand out, the director can incorporate transitions between different film sequences to create a unified picture of your business. This could mean switching between shots of the outside of your office building to an interview with an employee about how they like working at your company. In the post production period, editors make technical changes to the video and clean out and remove excess noise or visual elements. They can also add effects, a soundtrack, and narration to make the video even more unique and cohesive. To get the best quality corporate video production and videography, contact a company for short corporate films in NY today to set up an appointment to film your business.


If your business is interested in creating a promotional film or video, contact a film company that producing high quality corporate videos. You can work with videographers and producers to put together and film short NYC business promo videos.