Sound Mixing and Effects

Crucial to the creation of the video, sound mixing is used in post-production to make sure that all audio and sounds are working and received properly. It can also include picking out the right music to serve as a backdrop to the video. Music in promotional videos is extremely important as it is an additional element that the viewer notices and engages with. The right music selection can cause the viewer to connect with the video and associate it in a positive manner. A post production company can make edits to the audio of your video to ensure better quality. While special effects can be used to add emphasis to specific scenes and shots of products. For help completing post production special effects for marketing videos in NYC, contact a company that creates and edits corporate promotional videos. 


Sound engineering and mixing contains many technical aspects that need to be performed by a post-production specialist. The actual mixing occurs after shooting has occurred and the whole of the footage can be watched, edited, and put into place. The mixing accounts for editing out and removing unnecessary background or white noises. This eliminates distractions in the video and leads to a more professional and clean finished product. The post-production editors can also use voice overs, taking prerecorded audio tracks and layering them over video to create effect of narration. This helps guide the viewer through the video and makes them feel included. 


Special effects and additional digital or computer generated components can be added incrementally throughout the length of the video to add emphasis and style. In some instances effects can be used as an editing tool to alter the appearance of a shot or increase the visual appeal of an object or scene. At other times it might be appropriated to use effects as a way of signaling importance or significance and bringing extra attention to a scene. Special effects when used correctly are visually helpful and make for a more coherent and interesting video. You can talk to your promotional video editing and effects company NYC directly about post-production editing and what they might do to add the finishing touches to your promotional video.


Sound editing and special effects are used in post-production to polish and refine the final video. You can contact a production company that will create marketing video scores and music for NYC companies to shoot and edit your promotional video.