Video Editing

No promotional video would be complete without first going through the video editing process. If putting together a film is about executing an idea to the end, then editing is that final stretch where it’s time to lay down the cards and put it all together. The production and video teams have worked hard to create a concept for your video and take all the necessary footage, now the editors get the job of putting the pieces together and finalizing the project. Editors take into account the original conception and goal of the project, to make your company look good. They put together a sequence that will capture and express what makes your company stand out. For more information on the editing process and how it is important for your promotional video contact a professional video editing service for NY businesses to set up a time to start filming.


Professional editors are like craftsmen, they take the building blocks of the footage that the videographers captured, and put it together to make fine pieces of art. While video editing used to involve having to physically work with film, cutting and gluing endless amounts of reels together, today editing is all done digitally. Editors use the latest computer software to go through the compiled footage and arrange it in a pattern or sequence that matches the storyboard and conceptual design that was originally created. As well, if there’s something off in the original footage that was taken, they’re going to catch and correct it using video software.


Editing also involves making additions and inserting effects into the video to facilitate the sequencing of the video. This can range from anything including putting in a soundtrack, or using video software to edit out images and cut quickly to different scenes. The process is extremely detail specific and requires editors focus on the different visual aspects and elements being displayed in the video. The final product is worth the effort, as editing helps bring energy and persona to the footage to tell a story and deliver a message. If you are interested in having a promotional video shot for your company, make sure you contact a team that does promotional video production and editing for NYC companies.


If your company is interested in making a promotional video to show off your daily operations, contact a production company to have your video made. You can reach out to a production company to get video editing for NYC business videos.