10 Tips for Producing Great Videos

An illustration of a computer displaying multiple view ports that a video needs to fit into.

When you are creating content it’s important to consider all viewports including mobile.

One 100 million hours of video is watched daily by viewers on Facebook alone, and if you added up all the hours of viewing on the other platforms as well, the total would be truly staggering. This, of course, is an indication of the popularity of videos online, but it’s also an indication of how fierce the competition is to secure viewership.

That means that your video marketing efforts really have to be top-notch in order to get the attention of a wide audience for your videos. In order to take your video productions to the next level and get the kind of attention you’re hoping for, you need to really step up your game a notch and produce some really sparkling videos. Here are a few techniques which will help you to do that.

Keep it Brief

It’s a known fact that videos lasting 30 seconds or less have almost 90% higher conversion rates than do videos running for longer periods of time. Many video ads only last 10 or 15 seconds, but they are enough to produce at least 50% recall among the viewers who actually watch them.

Some platforms like YouTube do better with 302-second ads for some reason, and those are the ones which are recalled better by viewers. In any case, it’s a good idea to keep your videos short and sweet and to keep viewers longing for more. You can capitalize on that longing by ending your video with a call to action.

Meticulous Planning

The most successful marketing videos have a tremendous amount of planning and preparation built into them, way before they are uploaded or posted for viewership. Storyboards are often used to plan for required film shots, and scripts are written and edited until they are perfect, for the intended video spots.

Optimize for Mobile

Just as websites have to optimize for mobile viewers, so should your video productions be optimized, and for the same reason – mobile viewers are now the predominant category of online users. In fact, 70% of all YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices.

During the filming process, and especially when any text is being integrated with the production, make sure you visualize how it will be presented on smaller screens. That means making text large enough to be easily digested, and including graphics and other imagery that can be seen just as well on mobile devices as on desktops.

Add a Hook

It will generally take any viewer of your video between three and seven seconds to make a decision on whether or not this particular video is worth watching, and whether it’s worth seeing through to the end. That’s why it’s important for you to add a hook at the beginning, or some kind of an enticing question, that will encourage the viewer to stick with you.

Personalize it

Email conversions are increased by a whopping 500% when personalized video productions are included in them. It’s a great technique and it’s not difficult to do, because all you have to do is include the viewer’s name or other details like job title, which instantly give the viewer an impression that the video is all about them. Of course, this plays on simple flattery, but it’s also very effective.

A high end camera that is used to create dramatic and interesting visuals.

When making videos its essential to use interesting visuals and high quality equipment like this high end camera.

Include Exciting Visuals

More than 85% of all Facebook videos are played by users without actually activating the sound, and that means you have to capture their attention with some pretty exciting visual content. If you don’t have something visually appealing in your video, chances are it will be bypassed by the vast majority of viewers.

Include Captions

Including captions with your video productions has more value than just making it convenient for deaf viewers, although that in itself is a laudable notion. A far larger group will benefit by this as well, and that’s all the non-native speakers who may not be able to understand the spoken content but can more easily pick up on the text. Also keep in mind that the majority of videos are played with the sound off, so text may be critical in conveying important information to your viewers.

Use Actual People in Your Videos

It’s a great idea to include real people from your company in your videos because that gives your company a face and a personality that viewers can relate to. Another good tactic is to use customer testimonials to extol the virtues of your company and its products.

Make Your Videos Interesting

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s very important that you do whatever it takes to make your video production interesting to viewers. There are a lot of things you can do along these lines, for instance adding music, clips, animated spots, and useful tutorials – but whatever you’re going to do, make it interesting. If you’re not sure about the success of your efforts, test out the video on a good sampling of viewers before posting it for a wider audience.

Be Informative

One of the best ways to deliver value to your viewing audience is to provide a really top-notch viewer experience during the process. One good way to do this is to include highly relevant information that will be considered valuable by your viewing audience. Of course, to do this you’ll have to know what your target audience’s needs and desires are, and after you research this, deliver as much of that kind of content as you can.