Ad Formats: What’s Your Approach?

A man watching a video on his laptop. He may encounter one of many ad formats while watching his video.

Create your commercials to work with all ad formats.

It is pretty common to encounter an ad after clicking on a YouTube video. As a business, these ads are important for attracting new customers. However, viewers are fickle. They won’t become customers if your promotional video turns them off. The best way to make an effective commercial is by analyzing the different type of ad formats available. Here are the different ways you can advertise and how to make it work.

Most Common Types of Ad Formats

Pre-Roll – Most advertisers utilize the pre-roll ad format. This is when the advertisement comes before the video. There are actually two ways to do this type of ad format. The first is to make your pre-roll advertisement skippable and the other is to make it non-skippable, forcing people to watch.

While you may not prefer the skippable method, viewers do. If you decided to go this route, the first few seconds of your commercial needs to grab their attention and encourage the user to keep watching. Staying with the skippable method proves just how good your ad is.

Mid-Roll – An ad that plays in the middle of someone’s video can be annoying but effective. Since viewers are already invested in whatever they were watching, there is a high chance that they will watch your ad in order to finish their video. If your ad is quick, clear, and concise, it should not bother the viewer too much.

Post-Roll – This is not an ad format that we recommend. Post-roll advertisements come after a video has finished playing. They have a 50 percent completion rate and there is a reason for this. There is not much incentive for a viewer to watch an advertisement after their selected content. They are more likely to move on the to the next video.

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