Making a Company Culture Video That Stands Out

A group of smiling employees, proud to be a part of your company culture video.

Company culture videos are especially useful when it comes to recruiting potential employees who are a good fit, as well as for showcasing the exceptional work your team does.

A successful company culture or HR video should showcase your work environment, philosophy, and employees.  The purpose of making a company culture video is not only to recruit potential candidates but also show appreciation for stellar team members.

The best HR videos don’t include earth-shattering stories about company success or exaggerate what makes your workplace great. Some of the most outstanding videos simply tell viewers about your team’s favorite aspects of working there.  Others offer a glimpse into what a day in the office is like.

Most importantly, your video needs to reveal the untold story of what makes your company stand out. The purpose of an HR video is not to sell a product or convince people to dine at your restaurant.  It exists simply to charm and pleasantly surprise its viewers.

Brainstorming for Your Video

One way to approach brainstorming for your video is to go around the office and ask employees if they have stories to tell about their time with the company.  The heart of your company is the people that comprise it.  Collecting stories is a useful approach to reveal your business’ innovative and colorful culture.

Your video should be entertaining.  Getting your staff involved in the video lets viewers get an honest and down to earth look at why your office is a fulfilling place to work.  If your video is boring, people will assume that working for your company is boring.  Add fun details like clever anecdotes and fun facts. You can even try bringing in company pets.

Different Approaches to Showcasing Company Culture

As stated earlier, the framework of the video can be fairly simple.  But if you don’t want to make a video with too much narration, you could take a different approach.  Instead of asking employees what made their time with the company special, you could film scenes that visually showcase what makes their work days unique.

This could be as simple as employees talking about the light benefits of working in your office (free catering, lack of cubicles, discounts, etc.) to funny tips on how to stay productive throughout the workday. When people click on your corporate culture video, they are investing time into learning about what sets your company apart. Show them the distinct way that your corporate culture supports your and employees makes it worthwhile.

Another approach is to focus on one specific aspect related to your company. This factor could relate to your interns, your customers, or even your product.  Your video could follow your interns’ journeys to becoming full-fledged employees.  It should also give viewers plenty of reasons why your company is a valuable place to start a career.

The video could tell viewers why customers love your product, the ways in which your company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, or how your work gives back to the community.  In terms of focusing on your product or service, what makes it stand out? How were its innovators inspired to create it? A product-oriented video should show how much passion and hard work your employees invest into quality and excellence.

Minimal narration, with a more show-and-tell approach, can also be extremely effective.  Similar to restaurant promo videos that show master chefs hard at work, company culture videos can also visually wow viewers with a demonstration of your company process in motion

Ask Your Team for Feedback on the Video

The best way to know whether or not you’ve made a successful company culture video is to see if your team likes it.  Asking your employees for feedback ensures that the video gets to the heart of their company values.  The content should be an authentic representation of your company’s spirit. If your team approves of the video, you can be sure that it will attract other potential candidates who appreciate your company culture as much as your current employees.  If viewers relate to the video, chances are that it’s a good cultural fit.

Working With First Focus to Produce Your Next Company Culture Video

Our professional videographers and editors understand that showing off your team’s work is a top priority.  We can help you choose from our endless variety of stylistic options to tell your story.  We make a point to create heartfelt and compelling company culture videos.

Part of making a phenomenal company culture video is showing your team how much you value them.  You also want other people to see how invaluable they are to your company’s success.  Remember to post the video to all of your company’s social media outlets.

We hope we’ve given you an idea of what makes a company culture video shine.  First Focus specializes in producing high-quality promotional material.  Check out some of our work on YouTube and see how we can help make your video dreams come true. Here’s an example of our promo work with Luna’s Asian Bistro.