How to Include Video in Your Email Marketing

Over the past decade, email marketing has been a key part of any marketing strategy. Especially for those with an email list, it becomes easy to target those who have already shown some level of interest in the brand. Email marketing has changed since a decade ago and it has grown to be more important than ever. You need to be aware of these ‘changes’ and how to implement them to find success.

Above all else, the use of video is perhaps the biggest adjustment and the one that has the greatest impact and we’re going to explain why (while also offering some tips for how it works!).

Why Choose Video?

The internet has been around for many years and the attention of the consumer is harder to keep than ever before. If you send an email that’s text-based, you’ll get eaten alive because nobody wants to read about products and brands anymore. Instead, you need to keep things fresh and video is the perfect medium to do this with. Videos breathe life into the email and, what’s more, people don’t need to click on any dodgy-looking links to view them.

Besides breaking the monotony, there are other advantages to video. For example, a simple clip can make your brand more personable and this is what consumers want these days. With so many scams and hackers around, consumers are looking for trustworthy brands so this ‘connectedness’ is a great start.

Finally, the video can link directly to your YouTube page, website, or social media page (whichever you prefer). Once they close the video, they’re seeing your web design, other videos on your YouTube page, or your other tweets/posts on social media. Regardless of what they were doing before, their attention is now yours and it’s the job of your other online content to keep it this way.

Let’s not forget, having the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email can also improve click-through rates by as much as 65%!

Using Video in Email Marketing

Hopefully, you now see the value of having videos in your emails but how can you make this happen? First and foremost, you need to select your video (or make it, if you haven’t done this yet!). In the early stages, it’s simple because you can start with a guide to your brand, product, or industry. With the video itself, this isn’t as easy because it could make or break your strategy.

As the first attempt, this is going to introduce people to your brand so make the video personable and show some character. By incorporating some of the cultures that make your business unique, your job is to either help the viewer to learn something or make them laugh. If you can do either of these things, they have a reason to learn more about your brand or read your future emails.

Tips from the Experts

With the basics covered, we’re going to finish with some of the best tips for pairing these two marketing forms successfully!

  • First, make sure the video has been uploaded to your YouTube channel or website since this will allow for a simple link across. As mentioned before, this is a good tactic to keep a person’s attention after the video has finished.
  • Additionally, you want people to share the video with their friends and family and a dedicated web page allows this. From just one email, you’re now reaching dozens and even hundreds of people.
  • So far, we’ve focused heavily on the video but what about the email itself? From our experience, it’s always better to keep it short and sweet. Recently, we’ve seen some companies explain the video in great depth but this isn’t necessary. Instead, give a sentence or two on why the recipient should watch the video; i.e. what they’ll gain from it.
  • Although it might not seem important, the thumbnail is essential if you want to see success. If the thumbnail is poorly-produced, it could undo all the hard work you put into producing the video. A clear and clean thumbnail tells the recipient what the video shows and adds a sense of intrigue. The right thumbnail can fill viewers with a sense of excitement and this is a head start we could all use.
  • Finally, assess whether your video is a one-time event or whether it can be part of a recurring email marketing campaign. If you use the video too much, it’ll lose value and this can be damaging for the brand. For example, the announcement of a new product only needs to be sent once or twice while an introductory guide to the product has a longer life.

This year, videos are going to be important on social media, websites, and emails. If you master the art of video email marketing, recipients will want to learn more about your brand and this intrigue will propel your company forward!