Gaining Audience Trust with Video Marketing

Two young people watch a video marketing piece from a company that they trust and are customers of.

It’s very important to build your target audiences and customers trust. This can be achieved through carefully considered video marketing campaigns.

It has been demonstrated time and time again that gaining the trust of customers and potential customers is critical to getting your brand recognized and appreciated, and by extension, ensuring the continued success of your business. If you look at this principle from the opposite perspective, i.e. how losing customer trust can be catastrophic for a business, it’s easy to see that anything you can do to promote and encourage confidence on the part of your customer base is a kind of equity all by itself.

There are a great many things that a company can do in order to establish and maintain customer confidence, and many of those things take years before they really sink in and have an impact. However, there are also some things you can do which can have a much more immediate impact on your customer base and can help to inspire trust in your company and your branding.

One of the best approaches in this regard is video marketing because it’s a form of content which is very popular among Internet users, and has a very good chance of reaching your target audience. Videos are also very easily digested by vast numbers of people, and really good videos get shared and passed along so that much of the groundwork is done for you.

With this in mind, there are certain types of videos you can make which are more successful than others at inspiring trust and confidence in your customer base. Some of these types of videos are described below, and you can probably think of some others, which might be particularly effective with customers in your own market.

Responding to FAQ

It’s very easy to interact with and engage with your target audience via the social media, and with only a little bit of research, you should be able to discover which platforms are most often visited by your target audience. For instance, if most of your customers are on Instagram, that’s where you should be too, and that’s where you should post your videos.

One good type of video to produce is one that responds directly to questions which have been frequently asked by customers over some time frame, such as the last month. This could be in response to the features of a new product, or it could be an explanation of rumors that have been circulating about a reorganization in your company. Whatever kinds of questions are on the minds of your customers, are those which you should address in your FAQ-style video.

Customers Testimonials

There are a few types of video content online which are as successful as customer testimonials at influencing the opinions of other Internet users. Because the people depicted in customer testimonials are everyday, average persons just like the viewers of the video, there’s an automatic confidence and trust factor established between speaker and viewer.

If you can produce a number of customer testimonial videos featuring people who have been very happy about purchasing products from your company in the past, that can go a long way toward convincing new customers. Even better are testimonials from customers who have been loyal to the company for several years, and are happy to recommend the brand to anyone else.

Another reason these videos are so effective is that when people are searching for a product or service online, one of the very first things they will do is to seek out customer testimonials from other people who have already made use of the product or service.

A business woman records a Vlog for her company giving it a human face that her customers can relate to.

Video marketing campaigns can give your company a human face that your customers can relate to.

Position Yourself as an Authority

It’s a good idea to demonstrate to your target audience that you really care about the community where your business is operating, and that by extension, you care about your listeners and viewers as well. When people can see you as a human entity rather than a corporate entity with no face and no heart, they are much more inclined to relate to you.

During the process of relating, trust and confidence can spring up in the minds of customers, and you’ll have a much better basis for future customer engagement. When you produce videos like this, it’s good to go into great detail about community events and specific developments which are important to your target audience, because that creates a kind of shared experience between you.

It will be a little more difficult to convince your audience that you are an authority within your market because that involves showing your unique value to a customer, compared to what your rivals have to offer. However, if you can successfully accomplish this, you have a very good chance of creating long-term trust with your target audience.

Generate Brand Recognition

Creating trust in your brand is critical because it represents a long-term benefit for your company, and it establishes a general relationship that rises above even individual products or services. When a customer is able to have full confidence in your company brand, it’s very possible that he/she would purchase even products they know nothing about, simply on the basis of the fact that your company manufactured them, and your company is one that can be trusted.

The best way to establish brand recognition and trust is to explain to your target audience what your company is all about, and how your company values are similar to values that your customers have. In your video, make a point of talking about all the human elements of your company, so that customers can see you’re not just a cold, aloof business corporation.