The Ideal First Production for a Video Marketer

On the set of a first production there may be limited resources so plan accordingly to get the best end product possible.

When working on your first production you may have limited resources so plan accordingly to get the best end product possible.

There’s no doubt that videos have become the most popular marketing tool available in the growing arsenal of marketing and advertising personnel. Unless you’re going to pay a production company to create videos that will generate some brand recognition for your company, you’ll have to do all that in-house.
But before you get started with your first big marketing video, you have to ask some important questions about what the goal of the video will be, and how you’ll go about achieving that goal. Below are described some essential considerations which you should give some thought to before you actually get into your first production.

What Kind of Resources do you Have?

In this context, ‘resources’ refers to what your budget is, how much in-house talent you have, and how much time you have available to create your first production. To create a really good video production, you’ll need to have an audio/visual team that’s familiar with filming and editing procedures, as well as enough money to get the whole thing produced.
Even if you have the personnel and the budget, you may not have the time necessary for an end-to-end production, which delivers an end result in line with your original goals and objectives. All these resource factors will be strong contributors to the quality of the finished product, so you should have these questions answered prior to starting the project.

A videographer edits her first production in order to properly market the companies product or service.

When creating your first production you need to consider what the business’s needs are in order to properly market their product or service.

What Business Needs Will be Addressed by the Production?

The inbound marketing methodology consists of four phases: attract the customer, convert the customer, close the sale, and delight the customer. When you’re considering which kind of video project to undertake, you should think about which of these four general areas your first production video should fall into.
For instance, does your business need more help in attracting customers and getting new leads? Or does it need more help in actually closing sales, once leads have been converted and the purchasing cycle is in progress?
If your company is having trouble with attracting customers, a good first project might be to create an explainer video which appeals to potential website visitors and gets them interested in your business.
If your company needs help with the conversion process, a product demo or free trial might be extremely helpful in getting potential customers on board. Demo videos of this type can help tremendously with converting leads into legitimate customers because potential buyers have a chance to try out a free product or to observe it being used by someone else.
In the closing stage of the inbound methodology, the most helpful type of video which you could make would be a testimonial video, or possibly a customer case study. When viewers observe people like themselves in testimonial videos who are happily using your products, it goes a long way toward persuading them to trust your company and toward closing the sale.
In the last phase of the inbound methodology, delighting the customer is important because that phase is closely associated with customer retention. To achieve your objectives in this area, a how-to video might do the trick, because most customers nowadays want to find out the best way to use a product quickly, and without a lot of hassle. By providing them with a very specific how-to video, you’ll be fulfilling a strong customer need and generating goodwill that leads to loyalty and retention.

Where Should Your First Production be Posted?

Now that you’ve decided which area of your business needs the most help with a video production, and what kind of resources you have to get the project made, you should be thinking about where to post a video in order for it to get the broadest possible audience. The answer to this question will be closely associated with which business need you’re trying to give a boost to, with regard to the four phases of inbound methodology.
If your first production is all about attracting new leads, it should probably get posted in a blog, on one or more of the social media, and on YouTube as well. Whenever customers are searching for a given product, they’ll come across your video, and be attracted to your product.
If your video production is more about converting leads into customers, a good choice would be to include your video in an email campaign, or on your website, where your landing page can direct visitors to request a product demo, or to download helpful software.
When the closing stage is the focus of your first production, the ideal platforms for this are the social media and YouTube, so that you can generate some word-of-mouth buzz, and increase online awareness of your products. This is a great way to convey to viewers what your unique selling proposition is, in a very soft-sell kind of approach.
In the delight phase of inbound methodology, the whole point is to assist customers so that they can be successful in using your product or service, and they can develop a positive feeling about your company. That makes the ideal forum for this kind of video to be delivered right from your existing knowledge base, which customers already have access to.
This will make it very easy for them to find what they’re looking for, and to use the information advantageously, so they can derive the intended benefits of the product. In the process, they will also be developing a positive opinion about your company, and how successfully it fulfills their needs and desires.