The Importance of Video Testimonials

A customer films a video testimonial so that other customers will purchase the same good or service.

Video testimonials are an underutilized tool to get consumers to purchase a good or service.

An often under-used but still highly effective means of influencing and persuading customers and potential customers to purchase your product or service is the strategic use of video testimonials. If you haven’t heard a lot about video testimonials, these are productions which generally involve some individual other than yourself talking about your company and its products or services, in a way that explains, praises, or conveys useful information about them.

These kinds of testimonials are generally much better received than if you were to personally talk about how great your company is, or about your terrific products because this is often perceived as blowing your own horn and in somewhat poor taste. The effectiveness of video testimonials stems from the fact that seemingly impartial individuals are extolling the virtues of products and services offered by your company, and these supposedly impartial persons are just like members of the viewing audience.

Statistics strongly support the fact that video testimonials rate very highly among viewers, which means they have the potential to be extraordinarily effective as a marketing tool. Studies have shown that people are 63% more likely to buy products or services from any website which offers testimonials from other customers, and according to webDAM, customer testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rating, which places them far above any other form of content marketing.

Needless to say, video testimonials are the cream of the crop in terms of influencing other purchasers to buy products or services which the speaker has already bought and found to be more than satisfactory.

The popularity of Video Testimonials

There is an endless number of video testimonials to be found on YouTube and other online sources which are deemed extremely helpful by the viewing audience. In fact, many people turn to these video testimonials on YouTube before they even think to go shopping to buy a particular product. When you need to know information about a particular company or about what kinds of products and services it sells, these video testimonials on YouTube can be extremely beneficial, providing a wealth of information before you ever set foot in the store. Most people also find it very helpful to see a product in action, being used by the video host to demonstrate its capabilities and properties before making a purchase. Since the popularity of video testimonials is this far-reaching and pervasive, it’s only natural that it should be used so often as a decision-making tool, and that’s why many companies look to this medium as part of its overall marketing strategy.

A taste maker on youtube films video testimonials for a makeup brand that will be seen by millions of her fans.

Video testimonials are very popular among viewers on the internet and can be a powerful tool for selling products.

Underneath the Covers

So just what is it that makes video testimonials so powerful and so compelling to the viewing audience? The fact is that the host of a video testimonial becomes someone that a viewer can relate to, and whom the viewer can establish some kind of emotional connection with. This is an important component because it has the effect of making the viewer feel like he/she is part of something bigger than just a simple individual transaction.

The psychological component is something which shouldn’t be overlooked because the people speaking in these videos generally appear to be just like the viewers of those videos, rather than salesmen or pitchmen. It’s very common to see a video testimonial in which an individual is conveying to the audience how using a particular product has literally changed his/her life for the better and has become something that just can’t be lived without.

The fact that all this information is being provided with a smiling, happy demeanor also has a psychological impact on viewers, implying that they too can be happy and satisfied after purchasing the same product. Even more effective can be the video testimonial which relates a situation very common to a number of the viewing audience, and then goes into how a particular product made that situation better and solved some issue or problem.

Viewing this kind of a testimonial has the effect of imparting to the intended audience how their own problems, needs, and desires can all be resolved and satisfied by purchasing the product.

It’s All About Trust

The bottom line with the effectiveness of video testimonials is that it’s all about trust, and about making a connection between the speaker and the listener/viewer. Whereas hearing a salesman describe a product and trying to convince someone to buy it can be dismissed easily by the average viewer, a testimonial is in a different category. Coming from someone just like the viewer, who has found the product ideal for satisfying a need or desire, can be like solid gold in marketing, convincing the viewer that his/her problem can be solved by purchasing the product.

Even more than that, a really well-done video testimonial may not even have to solve a need or desire that the viewer has – it can actually create a need for the product because it has seemingly improved the life of the speaker so dramatically and powerfully. Because video testimonials have the power of tapping into human emotions and persuading the viewer to relate to the speaker, they can be more effective than almost any other kind of marketing tactic.