Keeping Your Video Blog Alive

A young makeup vlogger recording a tutorial for her video blog.

What are you doing to keep your video blog active?

It’s a triumph moment when your video blog starts to see success. More viewers are watching your videos, making comments, and subscribing to your video channel. The one thing that you should avoid is growing complacent. In order to keep your video blog alive, you have to invest in new techniques to grow to your audience and insert yourself further into the video community.

Working Together With Other Vloggers

When you first start your video blog, it may seem like everyone else is the competition. This is not always the case. If you have distinguished yourself well enough from other vloggers in your industry, then it is time to stop seeing them as the enemy.

Video services like YouTube not only have a community of viewers but creators as well. Find other vloggers like yourself and communicate with them. You’ll find out that they have a lot in common with what you do. Some even offer content that stands apart from your own. The same is true of you.

Discuss a collaborative effort that will help the both of you expand your visibility. For example, ask them to mention your video blog in their videos, descriptions, or links. This will point people from their community in your direction. You will do the same for them, exposing your audience to their videos.

Another way to collaborate is to work on a video together. Video Viewers love to see when their favorite creators work together.

Make a Blog for Your Video Blog

It may sound a little strange, but a traditional blog can help you find an audience outside of YouTube. While video remains the king of online content, having a written blog keeps people interest in your channel in-between the moments that you post new content.

Running a normal blog is generally the same as running a video blog. In order to keep it active, post at least one new article every week. You can write about what it was like to make your latest video or discuss the techniques that make your content look amazing.

Never forget that the point of making a traditional blog is to point people in the direction of your video channel. We like to do this by creating a link to our YouTube channel and adding one of our videos at the end of every post. Before you know it, you’ll see the rate of new subscribers increasing.

Always Moderate the Comments

Viewers like a clean environment in interact in. Always moderate your comment section by removing spam. Another way to keep your blog active is by talking to your community. Promoting discussions will engage them in a way that your videos cannot. Once you get them talking, pick their minds. Find out directly what type of content they want to see from you or run a Q&A. Show them that you want to build a connection.

If you are new to vlogging, call First Focus. We are professional videographers who can help you create quality video content. Check out the video we made for the House of Cupcakes and find out if commercial videos are for you.


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