Key SEO Tactics for YouTube

YouTube on a web browser, with several videos on the first page because they followed SEO tactics.

Use the following SEO tactics to give your videos an upgrade.

Search engine optimization (SEO). This is the art of making anything search engine friendly and ranking higher on Google and other major search engines. Usually, SEO tactics apply to Google but you’ll be surprised to know that YouTube is a major search engine as well. With the website hosting a majority of the world’s user-created video content, it’s search results is an important place to rank high on.

Just like a website, you have to optimize and create your videos with YouTube and Google’s search engine in mind. Otherwise, you are stuck with an awesome video that no one is watching because they cannot find it. Let’s go through a few ways you can upgrade your videos and start gaining some traction on the web.

Keywords are Always Essentials for SEO Tactics

While keywords are not as relevant as they used to be, they still matter when it comes to YouTube. This means that you have to sit down, load up a browser, and do some keyword research for your videos. Start by thinking about what you would input into a search engine to find your videos. In fact, do exactly that.

Do your own search test on both YouTube and Google and see what videos comes up on the first page. Once you find the common phrase or words, you are going to want to know how often people are actually searching for these words. Invest in Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool will give you the monthly average searches of any particular word from users. Anything above 300 monthly searches is a good keyword or phrase to target.

Make Videos Users are Looking For

It helps to make videos that are popular with YouTube users. Here are the types of videos that are most likely to show up in search results:

  • How-to videos
  • Reviews
  • Humor videos

You’ll see these types of videos come up over and over again. Try to make these types of videos yourself and remember to choose the right keywords.

What YouTube is Looking for From Your Videos

YouTube looks at which videos benefit the user experience the most. Professionally made videos and interesting content will help you a lot. This is also where a majority of your SEO tactics are going to come from. YouTube values the answers to these questions:

  • How much of your video people will watch?
  • How often do people comment on your videos?
  • What number of subscribers do you have?
  • How many times are people sharing your videos?
  • Are people clicking like on your content?
  • How long is your video?

Other Ways to Upgrade Your Videos SEO

The last thing you need to know about optimizing your video is how to format them. The more time and detail that you put into giving your video structure, the more you’ll gain in SEO points. First, your video should at least be 5 minutes long. Your next step is to add your keyword to the video filename. These are done outside of YouTube. Once you have uploaded your video, add in the title, description, and tags. All of these fields should have your keywords, with your description being at least 250 words long.

These steps will put you on the right path to creating popular videos on YouTube. If you need a professional videographer to help you out with your YouTube channel, call First Focus. Need an example of our work? Check out our video reel and all of the amazing work we do!