More Live Streaming Tips for Beginners

A girl watching a live stream on her phone. There are several live streaming tips you can use to make your events effective.

More live streaming tips to help your marketing campaigns.

If you followed some of our live streaming tips last week, then we hope you were able to successfully reach your customers. While our previous tips are a great way to start live streaming online, there is a bit more that you can do to really engage your customers. So, get your camera and be ready to hit the “Live” button on Facebook or YouTube.

Live Streaming Tips

Have a Plan – You don’t want to start a live streaming event blindly. Otherwise, you be stuck looking dumb in front of your audience and that’s just embarrassing for everyone. Before you even entertain going live, draft a game plan. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long will I be streaming for?
  • What topics should I stick to?
  • Which audience questions are off limits?
  • Where is my stream going to take place?

Promote and Attract – If you expect anyone to watch your live stream, you need to get the word out there. First, decide on your preferred method of promotion. You can either create a landing page or promote on social media channels. A landing page helps people know about the event when they are using search engines, while social media will put the word out for your followers.

For the next step, you need to start your promotion at least a week before the event. This gives people time to find out about the event and get excited. It also gives them more time to share when you’ll be live streaming with others on social media.

Run a Quality Live Stream – You don’t need really fancy equipment to run a live stream. Sometimes, all it takes is a webcam or phone to get started. However, if you want to run a professional live stream, then you should use the right equipment. This is all about preparation.

So, for example, you may want a tripod for your camera phone, especially if you are running a really long stream. Holding your phone for a long period of time is tiresome and you don’t want to end up with a shaky camera.

Also, you may want to invest in mics as well. After all, what’s the point of a live stream Q&A if the camera is too far away and your audience can’t hear you. Just think about everything that would make your stream run as smoothly as possible, so people keep coming back to you.

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