Things to Keep in Mind While Making a How-To Video

A women is getting ready to watch a how-to video

Create the perfect how-to video.

Once upon a time, around the early 90’s, people didn’t really know what to make of the internet.  Labeled the “Information Superhighway,” it was thought that the internet would be this universal encyclopedia in everyone’s home. Which it is, and yet isn’t. Most of us go online to watch tv clips and argue in the comments section. Even so, the web is still the first go-to for a how-to video. Many people enjoy learning via video. If you’re thinking about creating instructional videos on your channel, here are some things you’ll want to consider.

Sound Like an Expert

You want to come off as professional as possible, meaning your script has to be tight. Don’t try making an instructional video without a good script. Unless you are an absolute expert on the subject, and a great speaker, a script is necessary. Even if you’re both of those things, written material prevents unprofessional sounding space filler words like “um.” Too often good information in an instructional video suffers from a poor speaker. Make sure whoever is presenting rehearses their lines and delivery.

Depending on the type of video, superb camera work is a must. Let’s say your video is teaching how to replace a laptop screen. On technical topics like this, viewers want to see high-resolution shots of the procedure, as well as the tools.

Think of the Audience, and Plan Accordingly

Think of yourself as the viewer, think of questions one would ask themselves regarding your topic. In the script, address these questions naturally through explanation. Make it so that when someone watches your video and asks themselves a question, it’s answered as the video continues. This reassures the legitimacy of your video to the audience. Which in turn makes viewers look for what other instructional videos your channel may have posted.

Make sure you plan out your video production process accordingly. Writing everything your video will address is the first step. You should jot down everything you want to convey, then section off the items on that list. These sections will act as the guideline for the script. You have to keep in the mind the average attention span of an online viewer. Any exposition you do that isn’t a step should be less than a minute.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself and introduce too many concepts to your audience all at once. This is especially true if you are doing a series of how-to’s on a single topic. You cannot talk about something in part 1 that won’t be relevant until part 10.

Get straight to the point. Don’t waste time saying things that aren’t relevant to the point of the how-to video. Spending too much time going on about something off-topic can lead to frustrated viewers. More often than not, you’ll have viewers skipping through your video to get to the parts that apply to them.

Make Your Own How-To Video

Don’t be intimidated by all the other instructional videos floating around on the web. While how-tos are very popular, not everyone teaching in those videos are qualified to do so. That’s where your dynamite script, great planning, competent speaker, and good camera work all come into play. If you’re not exactly a video marketing professional, First Focus Productions is here to help. Check out our latest video we made for Villa Cemita and see for yourself the premium content we produce.