Making the Best Crowdfunding Video Possible

Cube Letters show crowdfunding in front of unsharp ludo figures. Background is light gray. This represents a crowdfunding video.

What you need to know about crowdfunding videos.

Crowdfunding campaigns are the latest craze, offering consumers a chance to directly make projects and products they like a reality. If you have ever thought about getting into the crowdfunding game, just be aware that it is not as easy as your think. The success of your campaign depends on a lot of factors, including your goals, rewards, and marketing. One area that is crucial to your campaign’s success or failure is your crowdfunding video.

Why Is My Crowdfunding Video So Important?

It’s a shame but people don’t like to read – at least not at first. When potential backers visit your crowdfunding page, the first thing to grab their attention is your video. It has to give them a brief overview of what your project is about and why they should back your campaign.

Often, the content of your crowdfunding video can make or break your campaign. If it’s good, then people are more inclined to read about your project and its rewards, and most importantly, back your campaign. Even crowdfunding giants like Kickstarter say that projects with videos have a 50 percent success rate, which is 20% more than those without one.

A Winning Video Is Professionally Done

The first thing we would suggest is investing some of your own money in a professional videographer. While DIY videos may work for smaller, less serious projects and grandiose campaign with a truly innovative idea or product needs professional work to sell itself. A videographer will know exactly how to portray your projects and walk you through being on screen. This will make your project both professional and personal.

Not Too Long, Not Too Short

Under three minutes is the perfect time for your video, and here’s why. You will obviously need enough time to explain your project but it should only be a summary. Too much information can overwhelm the viewer, making them turn away. Furthermore, people are known to have short attention spans. The longer your video is and the more they have to stare at you talking, the more likely they are to move on to something else.

Show Don’t Tell

While we are always eager to be on camera, nobody, and we mean nobody, wants to see you talk the whole time. It’s boring. You have an amazing product, show it to people. Show that you have already put work into the project and want them to be a part of it. Believe or not, people will understand what it is you are trying to create more if they see what it does.

The Sales Pitch

Notice how we haven’t used the word “Donate” once. That’s because you don’t want to make it seem like you are begging for money. You want to connect with your audience and make them a contributor to you project. Like we said before, you have already put work into making this project a reality, make your audience feel like they are doing the same.

Want to see First Focus’ previous crowdfunding work? Take a look at the video we made for the Hooleh campaign.

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