Using Marketing Videos on Your Website: What to Remember

A graphic illustration of a video on a website.

Are you embedding videos into your website?

There are plenty of concerns when launching a new website. Will people be able to find it? Do people automatically leave after visiting the home page? Does my website convince visitors to buy my products? These are all valid concerns. However, with a little video marketing magic, you have nothing to worry about. Here’s what to remember when using marketing videos on your website.

Always Add a Video to the Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing that online viewers see, making it most important one on your website. When online users reach your website, it immediately has to grab them. Our recommendation; use a video. Any video is enticing, just begging to be clicked. It is also impressive. A company with the means to create a promotional video shows how serious they are about their products and services. Hosting a video on your homepage also has an interesting effect. It keeps users on your page for quite a while, scoring points with Google.

Explain With Video, Not Text

If there is one thing web users are looking for, it’s for you to get to the point. They want information now and they want it fast. It also means that they do not want to read lines and lines of text. This is the easiest way to push them away and make them leave your website. So, instead of a lengthy explanation about your product’s features, use a video instead to explain. It’s simpler, easy to understand, and your audience tends to stick around.

Testimonial Videos on Your Website

Quotes from your customers are great. Nice lines paint your products in a good light. However, hearing and seeing is believing. Testimonial videos work so much better than quotes. Viewers can see your customers faces, their reactions, and hear their stories. It convinces them that your products work and that they should buy it for themselves.

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