Mastering YouTube, Online Video, and the Internet

A graphic illustration of someone holding a tablet and watching an online video.

What features are you using to make your online video spectacular?

YouTube, a giant when it comes to online video streaming. It is also the second largest search engine next to Google and has over a billion active users. According to YouTube, that’s almost one-third of all people on the internet.

Suffice to say, if you are into producing and marketing your own videos, YouTube is a great place to start. While we have talked about marketing your videos and building your brand on YouTube before, there are a few small tricks and tips that can help you master the service.

Formatting Your Online Video

There are plenty of cool features on YouTube. The best part is that you can take advantage of them to boost your video’s visibility. Here are a few that are really helpful:

  • Writing Your Own Transcript: YouTube automatically transcribes every video you upload. However, it’s not always accurate. Thankfully, you can write your own transcript and upload it to the site yourself. Just click on the “Subtitles & CC” button under your video. You’ll be prompted to either upload a pre-written document, paste in a transcript, or type it as you watch your video. The process is simple and painless.
  • Creating Video Playlist: If you are putting in work, then you’ll have plenty of online videos on your YouTube page. As you add more and more stuff, you have to make the process of finding your old content easy. That’s where the playlist feature comes in. It allows you to organize your videos into specific categories. The easier your videos are to find, the more views you will receive.
  • Adding Clickable Links: Have you ever watched someone else’s YouTube Video and notice that specific areas are linked? Well, these are annotations, clickable links that allow your users to interact with your video. Most people use them towards the end of their video to point people to their page, other videos, or website. Word of warning, however. Do not overload your video with links. It can end up turning customers away.

These are a few of the hidden features available on YouTube. Come back next week to see more tips and tricks. Also, check out the video we made for Yakiniku Futago Japanese Restaurant.