Personal Vlog: Engaging Your Audience

A young boy addressing viewers through his webcam and on his personal vlog.

Is your personal vlog including your audience?

So, you fancy yourself a vlogger? Well, if you are going to compete with a dozen other video bloggers out there, then you need some direction. A vlog needs to entertain and engage its audience. That’s how you keep them coming back for more and convince them to listen to your opinions. If your personal vlog does any of the following, consider success in your future.

Personal Vlog Tip – Incorporate Your Audience

Never forget your audience. It’s a familiar statement but very true. Nobody wants to watch a vlog with someone who seems like they are talking to themselves. They want to be a part of the fun. So, it’s your job to find a way to interact with your audience. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • First, allow comments on your videos, wherever you publish them. This gives your audience the chance to give you feedback on your videos and their personal thoughts.
  • Second, use your audience’s opinion to generate new content and videos. Then, let your audience know that you are paying attention to what they have to say. Tell them that your new video was a response or inspired by their comments.

The simple act of allowing comments has so many benefits. Once your audience notices that you make them a part of your content, they feel like a part of a community. They feel encouraged to watch more of your stuff and engage with you.

Remember, the spirit of debate is very powerful, and you can take interacting with your audience even more intuitive. Many video services offer live streaming. It’s a feature you shouldn’t pass up. It offers a┬áreal-time conversation with your audience. Just set a live stream event and have a Q&A with the people watching your videos. Nothing is more impressive than hearing your thoughts live and in person.

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