Setting Realistic Aspirations for Your Video Content

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Your video content requires realistic expectations.

Creating video content for a website or brand can be an exciting yet strenuous venture. A viral video can be beneficial for a business’s visibility, which is why many try to create the next one. However, initially starting from a mindset that your video will be the next big thing hurts the production process. It’s not bad to dream big but expecting the next big viral sensation is next to impossible. Here are some things to look for when setting out to make video content.

What Type of Video Content Are You Making?

If you’re trying to create web entertainment, like a series or independent short, focus on the vision. The internet responds well to creators that genuinely believe in their projects. This isn’t to say don’t put the effort in making sure your content gets attention. We’re just saying that you shouldn’t make that the primary focus. Efforts should be directed mostly towards making sure you execute your idea as clear as possible while being cost effective.

When using video content to promote a brand or business solely, you’d still want to be cost-effective. However, the idea isn’t to create something for entertainment. It’s to sell a product or service. Sure, you may want the ad to be entertaining. But keep in mind the content is still made with the purpose of selling something. Meaning making sure the video is informative and answers all questions is the primary objective.

What’s It Worth to You?

Video production can be a rather time-consuming task, and you want that time to all be worth it. Being “worth it” however, has a lot of different connotations. Do you consider the effort only worth it if you get profit? Or would you rather the content you produce is of high quality?

For the former, that’s a really hard obstacle to get over, since success is never guaranteed. So, you might end up rather heartbroken if your content doesn’t churn a profit. Alternatively, aiming for something to be to high-quality or ambitious might have you biting off more than you can chew.

You have to set limits and goals to your expectations before you start any video production. Those limits and goals will work as the outline for you to produce your content. So, where to start? First, you want to organize the budget for your content. This is important for content that’s planned to be made regularly, like a web series, or one-time web advertisements. Money matters and you absolutely do not want to be in mid-production and then suddenly, the funds run out.

It’s a healthy practice not to set your aspirations too high, or to be too egotistical about your work. Be open to criticism both early on and after your content is produced. Meaning you should consider anything team members say during production. Having more eyes on your work, while could lead to the to-many-chiefs one-kitchen-syndrome, still has benefits.

Also, you need to take feedback responsibly after your content is produced. This can be as helpful as some constructive criticism, or a disheartening as your average YouTube comment. You still have to consider any other perspective besides your own. Your content will always feel like the best content in the world, to you.

Working With First Focus

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