Overcoming Stage Fright for Your Next Promotional Interview Video

A lot of business owners are camera shy and don’t want to do a promotional interview video.  Stage fright is a common problem for a lot of people. In fact, it’s part of how our brains are hard-wired to react to perceived fears and dangers.  As humans, we are very conscious of our social reputations. When we don’t know who’s going to be seeing our video or what they will think of it, the thought of speaking on camera can be daunting.

The anxiety most of us feel in front of a camera is the reason why many business owners don’t want to use video as part of their marketing strategy.  But an interview-style video is one of the most effective means of reaching your audience.

Why Do Some of Us Get Stage Fright?

Experiencing stage fright is a natural neurological response we have to increased adrenaline levels.  When we feel anxious or afraid, a fight or flight response is triggered and adrenaline levels spike.  You may feel some of the following: tense back and neck muscles that cause you to slouch, shaky hands and legs, heightened blood pressure levels, butterflies in your stomach, or vision that’s a little fuzzier than usual.

We’re here to give you some tips on how you can trick your brain into feeling calm and collected. But first, let’s talk about why the promotional interview video is powerful way to engage your viewers.

Why the Interview Video is Powerful

Our eyes are the most sensitive to faces.  If a viewer is shown a busy cityscape full of neon lights and billboard text, it’s not hard for them to locate a face in the midst of all the visual clutter.  That’s because our brains are hardwired to identify faces, and an interview video with a friendly face works well to capture a viewer’s attention.

A video interview is also a chance for you to tell the story of how your business began, or what makes your company special.  Often, the difference between a run of the mill promotional interview video and a truly memorable one is a story.  Instead of conducting a conventional Q & A, try to answer questions like, “What made you want to start this business?” or “Tell us about a time when your team went above and beyond?” or “Describe your company’s culture?”.

An interview video also builds a rapport between your business and your viewers.  A friendly face in a video not only keeps a viewer’s attention, but it can also build familiarity and trust.  Forging a personal connection between your potential customers and your business is not all about your prices or your product or your features.  It’s about what they think of and how they feel when your company comes to mind.

An interview brings a personal touch to videos.  In an interview, you can express a wide range of emotions, explain things in a way that is easy to understand, and appeal to your viewer’s humanity.  Because they feel personally connected to your business’ mission, your promotional interview video can speak to thousands of viewers.

A woman being filmed for an interview, who may have stage fright.

Video interviews don’t have to be scary. In fact, with adequate preparation and practice, even the most camera shy of us can overcome stage fright.

Tips on Overcoming Stage Fright

Now that we’ve covered how interview videos help scale the emotional, human side of your business, here are some tips on overcoming stage fright:

Be prepared for your video shoot! This means making sure that both you and your filming space look presentable, and that you’ve done your part to make the shoot go as smoothly as possible.  Our videographers are always prepared, so if you spend time getting ready for the shoot, you’ll have less on your mind to worry about and more brainpower to concentrate on your interview.

Being prepared also means that you’ve planned out engaging talking points prior to filming. If you’re having trouble finding what to say, look over your print advertisements or your business’ website, and pull content from the things that stand out the most to you.

After you’ve found your talking points, practice, practice, practice! Much like organizing your space and making sure you and your staff are looking presentable, practicing what you’re going to say is also important.  If you have your lines down pat, you’ll be able to show the passion you have for your business without having to worry about stage fright or camera anxiety.

If you’ve done all of the above and are still feeling nervous, there’s a breathing exercise you can do that trained musicians use.  Try stretching your arms upward slowly as you inhale deeply, and lowering them as your exhale. This exercise causes a relaxation response in your body and will calm your nerves, slowing your breathing.

Shooting Your Promotional Interview Video with First Focus Productions

We hope that we’ve given you some useful tips on how to prepare for your promotional interview video shoot.  Speaking on camera is nothing to sweat about! Our professional videographers are here to make your interview shine, and we pride ourselves in creating high-quality video content for businesses all across the tri-state area.  The video below is proof that a good promotional interview makes even going to the dentist’s office less intimidating.