Successful Live Streaming Tips for Beginners

A women live streaming on her tablet.

Approach live streaming with these steps.

There is always something new being developed by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social media icons. One of biggest trends to hit is live streaming. This gives people the means to video stream through their webcam, phone, or tablet, live and on their personal social media channel.

For marketers, this presents plenty of prime opportunities. It would be a shame if your company didn’t use it to your advantage. If your business needs a little help figuring out how to use live streaming effectively, then here are a couple of tips that might help you get started.

Put a Face to the Company

If you are going for direct interaction with your customers, then you are going to want someone they can recognize. Not necessary a spokesperson, but a community manager of sorts. This person should know the business in and out, as well as know how to interact with customers in a positive manner.

Having someone like this gives your company a human presence during streaming events. Viewers are more inclined to interact with someone they are familiar with than random corporate strangers.

Stick to a Live Streaming Service

The biggest social networks that are using live streaming include YouTube and Facebook. YouTube has a lot of customization features. The network’s live service allows you to schedule a stream, select who is allowed to stream your videos and choose the quality of the stream. You don’t have to get too technical and can select a quick stream.

For Facebook, they’ve upgraded from mobile to all web devices, meaning you can use computer’s own video software and devices. It’s pretty simple to set streaming from your mobile device. Simply fill choose your privacy settings, write a good description of your event, and just make sure the camera on your phone is facing you. We would recommend Facebook for the growing interest in live streaming from their audience.

We hope these tips were helpful. We’ll have more next week. If you are wondering what kind of work we do at First Focus, then take a look at one of the videos we made for SG Cleaning Services below.

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