Taking Advantage of YouTube Video Comments

A video reel picture, representing video comments.

Are you monitoring your video comments?

If you have invested in creating a video channel, you are off to the right start. This will definitely help when it comes to promoting your brand. You’ll gain plenty of followers by posting great video content. However, after a few months, you may notice that some of your followers have left you, despite the great content you are making. This may be due to your lack of interaction with them. The clear way to remedy this situation is by taking advantage of YouTube’s video comments.

Why Take Advantage of Video Comments?

Great question. The reason you want to interact with your followers and viewers through comments is the add a certain level of transparency and engagement to your video channel. When you form a YouTube channel and gain viewers, you are creating a community. The community won’t necessarily stick around if the person leading it is ignoring them.

But … People Don’t Usually Comment

That’s alright. Sometimes people need a conversation starter. It’s alright for you to be the first one to comment on your video. In fact, it may be the motivator your audience needs to start commenting.

You can also add a call-to-action at the end of your video, asking people to comment and discuss their thoughts on your content. This method is ideal because your video is fresh in their mind and they will have something to say.

Should I Respond to Comments?

Definitely. This will make your followers feel like you are responsive, which you will be. Never appear to be invisible. You don’t have to respond to everyone on your audience but you do want to appear active. You can choose to answer questions for those who have some or join in on a discussion that is already in progress. Also, remember to always be professional. This is a way of leading by example.

Join us next week to find out more ways to take advantage of the comments section. If you want to see more of our work, take a look at the video we did for Billy’s Sports Bar and visit our YouTube Channel.

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