Using Video in Automated Marketing

An email opens to show a video play button that is a great way to reach new customers or stay in touch with loyal followers,

Video in E-mail newsletters can be a great way to reach new customers or to stay in touch with loyal followers.

Automated marketing can help in many ways, to make your overall marketing strategy a lot more streamlined and a lot more effective in terms of its consistency of delivery, and of reducing the manual effort involved in the process. This, in turn, can help trim costs off your marketing budget, and it can free up resources that can then be used to improve marketing campaigns in other ways.

Of course, automated marketing is at least partially dependent on technology, so you may have some initial investment associated with your implementation of an automated marketing strategy. However, in the long run, you should find that the return on your investment is well worth it, because you’ll be delivering a consistent message to your audience, and it will be much easier to develop effective campaigns using the automation.

Here are some of the ways that you can make the most effective use of automated marketing so that you can enjoy some of the benefits and advantages of taking a more modern approach to marketing and advertising.

Automated Marketing Newsletters and Emails

When you’re trying to reach a very wide audience, you might need to send out thousands of newsletters or emails to promote a product, to convey important information, or just to stay in touch with customers and potential customers. Doing this as a manual process could literally take hours or days, depending on how many people are on your list, and how many individuals you have involved in the sending process.

By automating the entire process, you can schedule specific emails or newsletters to be sent out automatically on a specific day, or on a recurring weekly or monthly basis. With no real human intervention other than preparation of the message, and scheduling it, you can literally reach thousands of individuals with important information and video content.

There’s another considerable benefit to this approach besides all the time-saving elements and the ability to reach greater numbers of people. When you establish a regular schedule of communications like this, it goes a long way toward building engagement with your audience, and with having them expect the periodic communication from you.

This will also allow you to produce your videos regularly, and have them sent out on the same schedule, which will add to the consistency and reliability factor that you are building up with your audience. Over a period of time, these factors can result in greater trust and loyalty to your company.

A customer looks through her email at newsletters from companies that she has built long term relationships with.

When you establish a long term communication schedule with your customers it can build a long lasting relationship.

Point Visitors to Your Video Landing Page

As part of an email marketing campaign, it’s a great strategy to promote engagement with your audience by directing them to your video landing page. At your landing page, visitors will find out about all the content you’ve posted, which supplies information that is creative and informative and depicts your business in a positive light.

Whenever visitors to become involved and watch at least one of your videos, you can include a call to action which encourages them to take the next step. This whole process can be automated by your marketing software so that regularly scheduled emails can be sent to prospects and leads, and they can be encouraged to move along toward the next step of the purchasing cycle. If you can accomplish this kind of engagement with a large number of prospects, you should be able to count on at least a certain percentage of them actually converting and becoming legitimate customers.

Send Personalized Video Messages

It’s no secret that personalized video messages are much more effective than are generic kinds of communications. It’s very easy for a recipient to discard any kind of communication which is obviously intended for the masses, and which has no specific recipient in mind. While this may sound like a difficult thing to pull off, it can really be made very simple with your automated marketing software.

Personalized videos can be presented to viewers whenever a prospect completes a specific triggering event, such as when a viewer indicates interest in a specific product. In a situation like this, you could easily send them a pre-made video describing the features and capabilities of that particular product, and since it’s something they already expressed interest in, it will be received as a personal rather than a generic kind of communication.

By integrating your video marketing technology with your e-commerce platform, you should have no trouble in developing many such short response videos, which can then be provided to users who have performed some kind of triggering event.

Recommend Additional Videos

When users have finished watching one specific video, you can extend the engagement session by suggesting additional videos that might also be of interest, based on the type of video they watched originally. This shows a willingness to be helpful and friendly on your part, and it can definitely increase engagement with your target audience. This will be a fairly easy thing to set up in your video marketing software, and it can be beneficial for both your business and for users, who truly may be seeking more information on subject areas related to one which they just watched.