Using Video to Relate Your Branding

A computer displays a marketing video that has consistent branding with all of the companies videos

Video marketing can be a great way to get your branding across to your customers but you need to be careful to keep it consistent across all videos

One of the most important things that video marketing can be used for is to increase your company’s branding recognition and to establish a clear perception in the minds of your target audience what your company is all about. This can be a difficult task to accomplish in a short period of time, and especially in a short video production.

It often takes years for people to associate specific core values and a strong business image with any particular company, so trying to accomplish all that through video marketing takes some real ingenuity, and clever planning by your marketing and advertising team. However, the task is not an insurmountable one, and the chances for success are much greater when your message can be delivered by a whole series of videos, all of which reinforce the original message you’re trying to convey.

The first prerequisite before developing a campaign which is intended to establish and maintain a specific branding image is to have a very clear idea of the company values yourself. If people on the marketing team don’t have a crystal-clear understanding of what the company is all about, there’s no way a clear message can be imparted to a wider audience. Before production on a video or a series of videos begins, team members on the video production team should have a discussion and a thorough understanding of the company values, and what its mission is.

If necessary, company officers should be consulted, be sure that everyone has the same understanding of the brand, so that a unified message can be clearly conveyed to all users. The rest of the steps in using video marketing to increase your branding image are fairly straightforward as well after you’ve gotten the preliminary understanding nailed down.

Reference Your Branding in all Video Productions

Every time you upload a video to your website or to one of the social media platforms, it should have the same introductory segment at the beginning which reminds viewers of your branding, and of the core values which make your company unique among its rivals. This kind of repetition will help the message become ingrained in the minds of viewers, whereas a single viewing might well be completely lost, or quickly forgotten.

This approach makes it doubly important that the same concise, clear message be conveyed each time so that there’s no confusion resulting from different messages. There’s no problem with the content of the video itself being completely different each time, but the teaser message, in the beginning, should always be the same, and it should always serve to reinforce company branding in the minds of viewers.

A business man makes a point to mention his companies branding in every vlog he records

It’s very important that you consistently mention your companies branding in every video that you make.

Prepare a Mission Video

At least one video that you produce, should be all about the company itself, a mission video which relates to viewers why the company is in business, and how the company intends to serve customers over a long period of time. It’s also a good idea to use other marketing channels to direct viewers and users to this one video, so they can find out everything they need to know about your company. This is the place to describe the core values which the company is built on, and which it will endeavor to espouse throughout its business life.

There are some important components which should be included in this critical video, so it has a better chance to stick in the minds of viewers. One of these components is the human element. Make sure that viewers have a chance to meet some of the individuals in your company who are drivers of the mission, and it would be good to include personnel from all levels within the company.

Viewers will relate much better to a company when they have the understanding that it’s being run by people just like themselves, who all have families, goals, and personalities just like users themselves do. Companies which are perceived as huge, faceless entities will be much more difficult for viewers to relate to.

The second element of your mission video should be a story-telling component. Numerous surveys and studies have reinforced the fact that the best way to engage an audience is by telling a story which resonates with them in terms of emotions and feelings. This is a further illustration of the human side of your company, but it is delivered in story form and can be easily remembered by those watching the video.

As an example, if your company was committed to helping homeless people in the city, a good story-telling format might depict members of the company becoming involved with efforts to improve a lot of these homeless individuals.

Brevity is Better

There’s a big temptation when producing your mission video, and possibly even your teaser segments used on other videos, to get caught up in extolling your company’s virtues to the point where it bores the viewer. It’s much better to keep your branding statement short and to the point, so that it’s something easily remembered, and doesn’t put off viewers. By all means, make a point of describing what your company is all about, and what sets it apart from the competition, but do so concisely, so as not to lose your audience.

Maintain Consistent Delivery

In both your mission statement video and all your other video marketing productions, make sure to establish and maintain the same consistent tone and mode of delivery. This helps immensely with the effort to instill the same understanding with viewers, and if seen often enough, it will eventually begin to be readily absorbed by people watching your videos.

As mentioned above, conveying the consistent branding message to your target audience is not something that can be accomplished overnight, and probably not in a single production. However, if you maintain consistency of delivery and adherence to the legitimate core values of the company, you will eventually increase branding recognition with all your followers.