Making Use of Video Footage in Marketing

An image of a film strip representing video footage.

How are you using your extra video footage?

As a company that shoots plenty of promotional videos for businesses, we can tell you that there is always a ton of extra video footage lying around. There are plenty of creative ways to use your previous work in your marketing efforts. Once you realize that extra b-roll isn’t useless, you can start engaging customers in ways that you didn’t think were possible. Here how.

Converting Video Footage for Email

GIFs are fun moving picture that many people love to use. It’s especially entertaining to send them to friends in a text conversation. If you want to spice up your email marketing efforts, then start converting small clips of your video footage into GIFs and put them in your emails. However, make sure it relates to your campaigns, otherwise, you’ll just leave people confused. When it works, customers respond.

Spicing Up Testimonials

It is certainly positive when your audience can see testimonials. They show how other customers have benefited from your products. However, even videos can become boring. Someone talking for two or three minutes straight can grow tiresome. If you want your viewers to stay on the page, then use that extra b-roll footage to turn a boring testimonial into an exciting one.

Social Media Content

Social media is dependent on the frequency of content you upload. However, it can be hard to find content to post. With extra footage, you can create images and small clips to use for social media. These are especially useful for clients. So, if you want to make some extra money, sell that extra video footage to clients for an additional charge.

Are you starting to generate some ideas for how you can use that extra b-roll? That’s great. We hope you put it to great use. First Focus does a lot of projects. Here, take a look at the video we made for the Taj Mahal Lounge. You can see more of First Focus’ work on our YouTube page.

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