Video Production Tips to Keep Your Video Looking Professional

A silhouette of a cameraman looking through the lenses of his camera. He is part of a video production shoot.

What video production methods are you using to create better quality content?

Marketing your videos means nothing if they are poorly made. Viewers will instantly spot mistakes. They will also be able to tell the difference between an amateur and professional-looking video. Here are some video production tips for you to use the next time you are filming. This will set your next vlog, commercial, or project apart from the competition.

Video Production Tips

Limit Filming From Your Smartphone – Everybody loves using the camera feature on their phone. You can make videos on the go, and upload them straight to apps. While the cameras on our phones are getting better every day, they are more suitable for home videos and internet stars. It’s best to use a high-end camera for all of your video production needs. A better camera equals better quality.

Avoid Filming Vertically – Some marketers are anxious to film using mobile devices. They want their videos to seem more authentic as if it were user-generated content. This leads to them filming their videos vertically, the way most people hold their phones. However, this technique screams amateur hour. It leaves black bars in your video and makes the editing process difficult. Filming horizontally makes for a professionally shot video.

Make Sure the Sound is Right – Nothing is worse than trying to decipher what someone is saying. Viewers will absolutely find something else to watch if your video has poor sound quality. Remember to check for background noises, use lapel mics on interviewees and actors, and keep the sound levels consistent. You can prevent viewers from being distracted by the air conditioner making noises in the background.

Check back with us next week for more video production tips. If you want to see a video made using First Focus’ expert video production techniques, then check out the video we made for SG Cleaning Services.