What Video Viewers Want to Watch Online

A couple of video viewers at a cafe watching online commercials.

Find out what video viewers are looking for from your brand.

Sometimes your audience is a mystery, which makes creating content for them difficult. There are key factors that you can use to determine what your audience wants to see – like your business and the type of services that you provide. Unfortunately, this is only half of the battle. Corporate or business videos are not normally what video viewers watch. However, you’ll be surprised by what they want to see online.

Video Viewers Are Willing to Watch Sponsored Content

If you are using your video content in advertisements, then make sure you’re a content is great. In 2018, YouTube will make all advertisement skippable. They will no longer play unskippable 30-second ads. That means that your video has to grab your audience’s attention quickly, within the first few moments.

We understand that you are worried. There is a fear amongst advertisers that customers will always skip sponsored content. The truth is that this is not always the case. In fact, 54% of consumers say that they understand the value of content, even if it is sponsored. Think about the platforms you are advertising on. Why do video viewers come here? They want to see content that entertains them.

Content that Teaches

You have to remember that your audience and video viewers are consumers. Just like everyone else, they are looking to buy products that support their lifestyle. There is a chance that your products and services fit into their lives. The only thing holding them back is a sense of familiarity. That is why almost 54% of users love to watch content that shows them how to use a product. Some will even give your business their personal information expecting to have this kind of content sent directly to them.

Several Approaches That Viewers Like

Video viewers watch a lot of videos every day. The average user even spends over 16 minutes every month looking at online video ads. You can make your videos unique by standing out from the competition. Animation is a great way to get users engaged. They are a creative way to show off your products, services, and marketing message.

Another approach is through humor. People love a good laugh. Think about what makes your industry funny and apply that to your brand. Not only will it relate to your industry but it will grab the attention of users who are interested in your products.

Viewers are also more likely to align themselves with brands that take a position on something. If your company supports a cause, don’t hide it. Your audience will appreciate the fact that your brand is taking the time to make a difference. At least 51% of consumers said they are more drawn to brands that support causes they believe in.

Now that you have a better idea of what video viewers want, it’s time to use this knowledge to create your own exciting advertisements. Need help? Contact us at First Focus productions. We can create amazing visual masterpieces like the one we made for BoxerDrillz Corporation. You can see more great videos like this on our YouTube channel.

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