Video Production

The work on your promotional video begins even before the first camera is turned on to start shooting. Good videos take an immense amount of planning to be properly created and achieve their goal of endorsing your company. In order to know what to shoot, and how it is all going to tie together film companies work in a three step production plan to formally create their videos. Production starts with an initial meeting between videographers and creative directors and you to come up with an idea and direction for your video that truly captures the culture and work of your company. Working with a film production team is the best way to ensure that all aspects of your promotional video are being managed and accounted for. You can begin work on your very own video by contacting a video production studio for company videos in ny to start filming today.


The creation of promotional films consists of the three stages of production to ensure the production of a high quality video. The first is pre-production where the concept and idea for the film is created and all the necessary pieces are assembled. This includes sending videographers to your office or location to survey possible shots and filming opportunities, as well as coming up with a storyboard of things to put in the film. The production itself is when the actual videography and recording of all the footage takes place. The videographers might do this in the same day to collect a large amount of footage to use during post-production.


Post-production is one of the more important parts of the film production. It occurs after all of the footage and audio has been gathered is where the film is edited, put together and made into a final product. Post-production ensures that the video is coherent and that footage is arranged in a way that executes the original storyboarding and conceptual vision. Editing makes sure the quality of the footage is up to par and that it works in a sequence. The multi-step process to production guarantees that the final cut of the video is the best that it could possibly be. To begin working on the production of your very own promotional video contact a company for marketing video production services in NY.


A promotional video can help showcase the talents of your company or organization. To being work on the production your very own video, contact the best agency for promotional video production in New York today.