Work Place Exposés

One angle your business can take in the creation of your promotional video is to make a small scale documentary of what happens at your business. These personal accounts of your employees, leadership, and daily business operations and work are a great way to let potential clients and customers get to know more about your organization. Work place exposés are inviting in that they are revealing, your business opens its doors to the viewer and in return the viewer feels like part of the family. As well, working with a professional film and production crew is easy; you can meet with the producers to come up with a conceptual plan for the video and leave the filming up to the videographers to capture your good side. If your business or company is interested in making a promotional video, consider working with a corporate video company to produce a business documentary promotion in NYC.


Before filming even begins, you can meet with a production team to talk about what you want to include in your video. One strategy is to take real, candid footage, of your company as everyone goes through their normal daily routine. No scripted segments or actors involved, just what you do on an everyday basis but with a camera rolling. The camera crew will film employees performing their job and even interactions with customers if they give permission, truly capturing your business in action. You can reach out to a production company to film workplace corporates videos in NYC to start work on your very own video today.


The camera crew will come to your office or location and bring with them all of the necessary equipment and set up beforehand. While the goal is to create an accurate portrayal of what your business does, this could include preparing your location for filming by: prepping employs on how to behave on camera, scouting out interesting or important activities and jobs to film, creating interview questions to ask personnel, and crating the best technical environment to film in. During post production, the editors will review the collected footage and mix and match segments to create the video. They may also include narration as well as portions of interview and voice over to give life to the film.


You can contact a production company today to start working on your very own promotional video and documentary about your company. Ask the production team about different filming options to create a workplace promotional video production in NYC.